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Some common myths related to lotteries

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Online lotteries are very popular due to the fascinating jackpots involved. It is a chance of winning but there are many benefits associated with it. But some people associate certain myths with lotteries. They believe these are the essential features of online lotteries but in reality, it is not so. We will see some of these myths busted here in this article for your benefit.

You can win every time with the same number

Some people get this belief once they win a jackpot. They think that it is their lucky number and if they choose to buy the same ticket number every time, they can also win every time. But this is not true and is only the hope of players. Online lotteries are only chance winnings. It may have happened by chance that the same number got picked up more than once. It cannot happen every time. This is because the draws at the online lotteries are done in a random manner. Every other ticket number has an equal chance of being picked up. While there is a chance that yours may also be picked, it is not a guarantee. You have to understand this if you love to buy  ซื้อหวยออนไลน์ lottery tickets.


You can win every time if you buy at the same store

There are many sellers of lotteries online. Some people believe that they can purchase a ticket from a lucky dealer. There is no such thing as a lucky dealer. As analysed above, every ticket has an equal chance of being a winner. So you have to stop believing in these myths so that you are prepared for a win or loss. With so many lotteries operating, and no restrictions on the number of tickets, you could easily win many times, forget these superstitions.

Smaller lotteries have better odds

This is also another myth associated with online lotteries. People believe that bigger jackpots have longer odds and in smaller ones, the odds are better. But this does not hold good. The selection is done randomly through machine operations only. So the odds are not fixed. The lottery’s mechanics decide the odds and nothing else. So it is difficult to analyse and predict the outcome. This means you have to wait each time till the draw.

Also sometimes people believe that you can win only once in a lottery. No, since the site does not store the data and picks winners randomly, this is also not true.

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