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A Primer on Playing Roulette Online

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In a few short steps you can be playing roulette online with the best casinos in the world. Roulette is one of those 369 สล็อต classic casino games which uses numbers to determine what happens on each and every spin. It’s also a game of pure luck, as some people seem to think it is. There is some skill involved, but it is more about the knowledge of how things work and which bets to avoid.

Here are the basics of playing roulette:

Spin the machine

The ball will fall onto one of 36 numbered slots (there are 42 total). The numbers that land on the slots are random, and each time the ball will stop at a different number on each slot. These ones are called the ‘outside’ bets as there is only one winner and 35 losers. These are the most common bets and are seen in every วิธีแทงบอล roulette table at any casino all over the world. These bets can be placed on a single number, numbers in a specific range (called series), or the so-called ‘street’ bet which is actually a series of three numbers.

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Make inside bets

Inside bets are much more exotic than the outside ones as there are multiple winners and multiple losers depending on what happens on each spin. For instance, if you bet that two specific numbers will land before any other ones, there will be 33 individual winners for each spin and 3 losers. If you bet on 3 numbers, there will be 2 winners and 1 loser for every spin. The inside bets are the only ones which will give you a payout above your bet amount.

Make action bets

These are the bets which cost you money – you’re essentially betting on the balls stopping at a certain number or range of numbers, without knowing what those numbers are or when they will stop. These are generally much more risky than the simple ‘street’ bets as there is less information available on each spin. The name speaks for itself.

Make set bet

Similar to the action bets, you are betting that the ball will land on a certain set of numbers (the same value as in your inside bet). This can be within one or two numbers, or even more. As with action bets there are multiple winners and losers for each spin.

Make split bet

If you have an inside bet which is not completely covered by your outside bets, there will be winners for every spin but also losers for every spin. Similar to the set bets.

Make lay bets

If you like betting that a certain number will not come up in a spin, then these are for you. These bets are quite uncommon, and most people will avoid them for obvious reasons. Perhaps the most common lay bet is on a set of numbers which are most likely to come, such as 9 and 10. Other popular lay bets tend to be on sets of four or five numbers.

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