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The Role of Luck in Online Slot Gambling

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If you’re thinking about taking your love of gambling to the next level with slot machines, then it might be time to consider the role of luck in online slot gambling.


Initially, this might sound like a silly question to ask. After all, it’s common knowledge that no form of gambling is a sure thing. But when you start thinking about the fact that some games offer returns as high as 98% on average (made-up statistic), it starts to make sense why someone would want reassurance that their money was at least doing well for them before they put it out there in a game they don’t understand or have any control over.


We’ve already listed some of the most popular and consistently successful online rtp slot games, but once you get down to it, there’s no natural way to know if your money will do well for you. However, there are a few things that you can look at to make an informed decision.


Returning 98% on your investment is excellent. But why should you be happy with an “okay” return, especially when many other games offer a high percentage? To answer this question more precisely, we need to figure out how to return percentages are determined in the first place.

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The Return Percentage

When looking at a slot machine’s return percentage, it’s important to note that the number is based on a general average of hundreds of play sessions. The reason is that it takes a large amount of data points to determine an accurate number. This is also why the return percentage on almost all gambling games is never 100%. It’s common for the actual number to be lower than even 90% since the biggest winners are included in the results entirely. But how do they figure out what number to use? 


The Return Tables

One of the most important aspects of getting an accurate return percentage is taking your system into account. There are three different types of slots players: casual players, infrequent players, and professionals. These additional players will have a vastly different experience with the same game, and their returns will reflect that rtp slot.


Casual Players

Casual online slot gamers are those who don’t play slots very often. They play once or twice a year at most, and they have no real stake in how well or poorly the game does for them as long as it’s fun. An example of a casual player would be someone who buys a ticket to the lottery occasionally. They would need to learn how to make that ticket win more often, but as long as they get lucky once in a while by winning money, they’re happy.

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