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Best casino game development platform for leveling up your real-money

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If you are looking for creating a stunning experience with 2D and 3D features, then this article is for you. Whether your players are on the casino floor, desktop, or mobile device with interactive real-time content they can enjoy them all. There are rapid workflows that are helping developers, designers, and artists for creating and delivering content to the audiences wherever they are.

Development platform of choice

Mega888 online casino is the leading end-to-end platform for operating and creating real-time, interactive 3D content. All the pricing models are available and is fitting in the development team, no matter what is the size.

Graphical Editor

There is rich, out-of-the-box functionality for creating an engaging casino and other interactive games. There are also dedicated workflows for 3D and 2D with seamless integration of a wide range of content-creation tools like Maya, Photoshop, and 3Ds Max which are used for importing and updating the assets.

Unparalleled platform support

You would be able to reach a wide audience with the support of 20+ publishing platforms which includes Linux, Windows, iOS, Andriod, and WebGL. Partners are deeply and early with hardware, device, and OS providers can build once and deploy all the content at the land-based mobile, casinos, and on desktop.


This platform is always ready and extensible for the content and also to the evolving needs of a powerful C# scripting system, extensive documentation, and comprehensive API. Source code is also available to all who are wishing to license it.

Architecture development assistance

When you are a licensed gambling customer then there are dedicated engineering support experts are provided which will ensure the successful transition. You will also have the access to training workshops, hands-on, online tutorials, documentation, and many more. This will all help you in hitting the ground and running.

Rapid creation

With intuitive tools and UI, it is easy to start working with the prototypes and skip spending time on low-level programming. Changes are very instant and easy through real-time and it is also easy to test, create and iterate the one interface.

Rich interactivity

There is a well-documented and robust API having access to the complete range of features like rendering, physics, and communications for enabling easy integration with other systems and a rich interaction model.

Optimal graphics performance

With a scriptable render pipeline, the graphics optimization is flexible.

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