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Full-On Casino Experience from anywhere at any time! 

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Missing going to a casino due to your hectic schedule? Here, we introduce to you a classic online casino game. This game has been in Malaysia for a long time and now it has broken its borders to spread all over the world. This addictive game is a favourite of a lot of players. Our game mega888 is absolutely free. You can play this from any location in your past time.

This game is perfect to give you a casino feels. It has a variety of options ranging from slot machines to card tables and even arcade championship games. The amazing user interface is surely going to blow your mind. You can gamble using cash or play friendly matches in your leisure time.


Mega888 was initially launched to give a competition to SCR888 that was the largest online casino game of Malaysia at that time. This app became victorious in the competition and was successfully able to attract an audience. Henceforth, a lot of companies supported this game. However, all games become popular, and then new competitions emerge. Thus gradually a lot of competitors of this also emerged but the popularity is of mega888 https://mega888malaysia.app is still wide.


Where to play:

This game is available for both OS and Android. Newer upgrades are frequently launched and it is supported by a live help desk via WhatsApp and telegram. It strives to provide cent percent user satisfaction!

Some tricks and tips:

  • Play familiar games mostly to avoid a lot of loss of coins.
  • Log in using your id, and play with higher slot values. This significantly increases the chances of winning larger sums and bonuses.
  • Try to play more live games over virtual games. Live games are with random people and you get a broader exposure in this way and you always learn some new tricks. Virtual mode is playing solo or vs some computer bot.
  • Divide and conquer. Use this simple rule. Divide your cash smartly, and try not to put all your deposits in a single place. This minimizes loss and maximizes profit.
  • Do not throw big bets. This will perish all your money in a few rounds only. Manage your resources skillfully to last longer in the game.

This is one of the most love games and it is highly recommended to surely give it a try. If you have a sharp knowledge of the casino arena then you are going to love it. Just log in and enjoy playing!

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